Upcoming Projects

I can now proudly announce that we’ll be working with Oaktree Productions this summer on their debut feature film Good Intentions.

As soon after filming wraps on that we’ll be straight onto another short film shoot, details of which will be coming soon.

We also have three other short film projects currently in development.


A New Dawn

Tying up some loose ends on the short film Sewing Solutions over the next couple of weeks and Doctor Who Besieged along with Confidential will be completed in the next couple of months.


Time sure flies

WOW it’s been a while, too long in fact.

This last year has been tough with “real life” getting in the way more often that we’d like but Chameleon Entertainment are getting back in the saddle and will be ready to make some noise in 2013!


The B2B Roadshow, Glasgow Business Week & New Start Scotland

I’ll be attending The B2B Roadshow event in Glasgow tomorrow as well as some events during Glasgow Business Week & The New Start Scotland event on 18th-19th November.

Networking like crazy… must remember to get new business cards!


48 hour film challenge

Once again signed up for this awesome event. Didn’t win but the main thing is the film was good!


Boys will be Boys

Shooting this weekend in Bridge of Weir with Joe Gibson in the Directors chair. This has been a long time coming and should be a great film when it’s done!


It’s been a while

It’s been forever it seems since I posted anything on here but suffice to say I’ve not been doing nothing… quite the contrary as I’m currently in the middle of planning a project that hopefully provide some steady resources to allow for the real fun to begin.

I realise though that I am going to have to be better and try harder at all the social media / web presence stuff.

Watch this space though soon things are going to get serious!


Back on the Horse

There has been a lot of pottering about and lots of meetings and development work but little in the way of filming.

That’s about to change, we plan on shooting two films in April and have been busy putting things in place to shoot a feature before years end.

We also have a new home as we’ve just moved into our new office space at 7 Water Row, Govan.

Sharing the space with a bunch of likeminded and generally creative people can only lead to more good things in the future, so watch this space.


Moving Forward

The snow kept us away but now we’re back and moving forward fast - multiple projects in the works (more info to come) and the corporate end of the business doing some good things too.


Interactive Scotland Event

Yesterday was the Interactive Scotland Digital Media event at the Scottish Youth Theatre in Glasgow - the building was amazing, the lunch great, the seminars encouraging but realistic and the speakers wonderful! Hope they do more like it!


Behind the Scenes of Doctor Who: Besieged

Was on set over the weekend of the Doctor Who / Alien fan film Besieged (made by Magic Work Entertainment).

Shooting behind the scenes footage and interviewing talent which will become the feature length episode’s Confidential companion.


And the award goes to…

It’s official Chameleon Entertainment got exactly what it deserves by winning BEST ACTOR, BEST SOUND & BEST DRAMA for “Champagne, Christmas and LOL” at the Kent FIlm Festival!!


Day 2 - Sgt Slaughter shoot

Thanks to everyone for the hard work and patience on set SAT… picture still to come as well as starting prep for Day 3 (green screen day and maybe some pick ups)!



Thanks for visiting the Chameleon Entertainment website please feel free to have a look around especially at our showreel (which you will find below) and our portfolio section - to see some of our previous work.

If you would like to get in touch then please drop us a line at; chameleonentertainment@hotmail.co.uk


The Chameleon Entertainment Team